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Top 3 Clothing Consignment Apps and How to Use Them

Nov 29, 2016

Tired of dealing with the clutter in your closet? With the holiday season in full swing, why not sell them and make some extra cash! The internet is packed with consignment apps and websites that allow you to trade or sell those used, trendy clothes.

Here are three top-recommended apps that can help you make extra cash from your clothes:

  1. Tradesy: Popular for its simplicity, Tradesy aims to help even amateurs sell their clothes online. Their interface is set up with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tools to make your items more buyable. Tradesy sales are primarily customer-to-customer; any items you sell are sent directly from you to the customer, though Tradesy can send you packing materials if you need them. The cut they take is comparatively modest, 11.9% if you want to cash out with Paypal, or 9% if you opt for Tradesy Cash, their in-app form of store credit.
  2. Vinted: A more social option, Vinted targets younger users as a way for them to swap or sell clothes. Its interface is similar to Pinterest and has social features that allow users to share and like items they haven’t yet purchased. Vinted does take a somewhat high 19% consignment fee, but the large userbase and familiarity might be worth the tradeoff.
  3. Poshmark: Want to sell anything, along with your clothes? Consider Poshmark. Allowing all sorts of items, as well as stock photographs of them, this app is a great solve if you want to sell at a high volume. (They’ll also verify the authenticity of items above a certain price point to help you earn as much as possible.) Poshmark is one of the original consignment sites, giving it a very wide selection. While they will take a consignment fee of up to 20%, Poshmark’s features and selection may be worth it for your larger stash of once-loved items.

Wondering which consignment app to choose? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Weigh whether you want to sell to the company, or directly to another fashion lover
  • Consider your time and determine whether you want to spend hours or minutes selling
  • Find the percentage of the sale price (the consignment fee) that you’re comfortable parting — check the terms of use to get the most accurate numbers

By using these services, you’ll clean out your closet in no time and have more money in your pocket. Ready to part with more than just your old clothes? Read this blog post for info on easy ways to donate your stuff.

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