Welcome To Global Clothing Industries (GCIAtl.com)

Welcome to Global Clothing Industries

Commonly known as GCI, Global Clothing Industries is known around the world as a leading processor and wholesale distributor of recycled apparel such as clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.  Additionally, our product line includes reclaimed wiping cloths, pre-owned hard and soft toys, and an abundant selection of quality vintage products that play a major role in today's fashion trends.

At Global Clothing Industries, our primary goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive price.  We accomplish this by utilizing a well-trained staff and multiple warehouses to sort and process over 130,000 pounds of product daily.  GCI's extensive and meticulous processing operation allows us to offer our customers a superior grade of products; and our experienced sales team is available to assist you in customizing your order.  All SORTED and GRADED according to YOUR specifications and the needs of YOUR market.  We also supply reclaimed wipers to your specifications.

Our global headquarters are located in the Southeastern United States transportation hub city of Atlanta, Georgia.  GCI's prime location in an international gateway city provides us with direct connections to ground, air, and sea shipping routes; thus increasing our efficiency and allowing us to offer the most cost-effective transporatation options to our customers.  We are conveniently 15 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and 10 minutes from downtown Atlanta.  At Global Clothing Industries, you can always count on us to deliver our best no matter where you are shipping to!








"Global Clothing Industries underscores the importance of social responsibility and we are committed to exceptional customer relationships, corporate integrity, and global citizenship."

Our Vision

"To be known as the most innovative textiles recycling processor in the world."


Our Mission

"To create opportunities for economic improvement for our customers and employees while promoting environmental stewardship by providing new life for otherwise discarded goods."


Our Core Values



"Global Clothing Industries is determined to remain a positive force in society by constantly working to cultivate mutually rewarding relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees."