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We process over 130,000 lbs. of recycled textiles daily in our 130,000 square-foot facility. We are an experienced company in the global textile industry. Our focus is on innovation and customer service. Showing our customers value, service and quality leads to exceptional customer satisfaction.

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Our Approach
Our Service

We are committed to providing excellent quality clothing for less and exceptional customer service to the satisfaction of our clients. We export various grades of used clothing and shoes worldwide. We ship to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia. We also ship within the U.S…more.

Our Facility

Located just 15 minutes from the Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, GCI operates one of the most operationally efficient processing facilities in the country with a focus on quality and safety…more.

Automated Equipment

Our integrated processes and equipment allows us to easily process over 130,000 lbs. of clothing each day. By processing and sorting our clothing in a timely manner we can provide our buyers with quality products at competitive prices…more.

Social Responsibility

GCI is committed to providing quality secondhand clothing across the globe. Our teams focus on environmental and social responsibility by recycling used materials for viable economic use…more.

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